How it started...

It all started in a small town called Tijuana, well its not so small anymore but to me it felt small as a kid. I then later grew up in Corona, CA. As a small child growing up with a single parent I had to find ways to stay entertained while my mom was at work. As a way to keep me busy my mom taught me how to draw and sew. Her teachings have developed my creativity and have brought me so much joy. I haven't stopped since. My work has became a healing and therapeutic experience for me. I owe it all to my mom who instilled these creative habits in me and I'm thankful to be able to share my work with everyone that I meet. 

At the age of 20 I started my studies at FIDM. From my learning experience there I got to see the reality of working in the fashion industry. I decided to pave my own path and started creating sustainable and ethical slow fashion. All my pieces are made intentionally and with love. The fabrics I source are first cut; what's left is then repurposed into another piece. This process is then repeated with any scraps that are left; down to the smallest pieces of fabric that are used to stuff my toys. 

My goal with my creative business is to have a studio space with a gallery so that I can showcase my work as I create it. I want to work alongside other artists to get inspired by each other and to continue to grow. 

In case you were wondering how my name Patchouli Nomad came about. It came from my love of Patchouli oil which a lot of people oddly don't like. The Nomad comes from my toys. They're nomadic in the sense that they're always changing. That's how the Patchouli Nomad name came to be. Contrary to popular belief my pieces do not smell like Patchouli so no need to smell them. I hope you find something in here that calls to you.